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Hentz Law is a boutique criminal defence firm in Ottawa, Ontario, representing clients charged with criminal and regulatory offences across the East Region, including Ottawa, Perth, Renfrew, Pembroke, Cornwall, Brockville, Kemptville, L'Orignal, Kingston and Belleville.

Hentz Law will provide you with professional legal services for every type of criminal offence, from legal advice during the course of an investigation, to bail hearings, pre-trial meetings, second opinions, and trials at all levels of court.

Its important that you have confidence in your lawyer. Contact Vicki Hentz today for a free consultation at 613.298.4466.


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Vicki Hentz can be reached 24 hrs a day at 613.298.4466.

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Vicki Hentz has a proven track record for the successful defence of many criminal offences including:

Sexual assault, Sexual interference, Historical sexual assault, Indecent exposure, Possession, distribution and manufacturing child pornography, Impaired driving & DUI, Over 80 charges, Dangerous or careless driving, Refusal charges, Drinking and driving cases involving bodily harm or death, Highway Traffic Act charges, Assault, Domestic assault, Assault with a weapon, Assault causing bodily harm, Aggravated assault, Manslaughter, Murder and manslaughter, All constitutional and civil liberty issues, Second Opinions, Possession of drugs (Marijuana, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Heroin, Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Ecstasy, Speed, MDMA and all other drugs), Trafficking, Production and cultivation, Importation, Conspiracy, Possession for the purpose of trafficking, Possession of child pornography, Distribution of child pornography, Making or manufacturing child pornography (* Child pornography charges carry enormous stigma and mandatory minimum jail sentences. I have significant experience in dealing with these charges and will assist with discreet, confidential, and knowledgeable legal representation.), Luring, Fraud And White Collar Crime, All firearms offences, Trafficking in firearms, Possession of prohibited weapons, Storage offences, All knife offences, Carry concealed weapon, Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, Professional Discipline, Asset Forfeiture proceedings, Building Code violations, Highway Traffic Act offences, Liquor License Act offences, Alcohol and Gaming Commission offences, Breach of Trust charges, Peacebonds (s.810 Recognizances), Accessory to a criminal offence, Obstruction of Justice.

If you are the parent and have a child under the age of 18 charged with a criminal offence, call Vicki Hentz today for a free consultation.

This list is not exhaustive and is meant to provide basic information. Hentz Law offers representation for every criminal offence in the Criminal Code. Call today for a free consultation: 613.298.4466.

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Practice / Services

First Contact

Being contacted by police can be scary and intimidating. Its important to know what your rights are up front. Hentz Law offers comprehensive legal advice for all areas of criminal law. Contact us right away to find out your rights and obligations.

Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with a crime, its important to have a lawyer that you can trust throughout the criminal process. Hentz Law will assist you with every type of criminal offence, from historic sexual assault to drug trafficking. We offer legal advice during an investigation, assistance with bail hearings and at all stages of the criminal process. Hentz Law will provide you with comprehensive and easy to understand legal advice.

Contact us immediately!

You or a family member have just been charged with a criminal offence. You have not been charged but the police have started an investigation. We can often help ensure that no charges are ever brought. A family member is under arrest and needs to get out of custody on bail Please call us immediately at 613.298.4466, 24 hours a day and ask for Vicki Hentz.

Experienced Lawyer

Vicki Hentz graduated with Honours from the University of Ottawa in 2008 and has practiced exclusively in criminal law since that time. Prior to 2016, Vicki worked as an associate at a respected criminal defence firm for approximately eight years. During that time, Vicki represented clients at all levels of court with exceptional results.

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If a family member is under arrest and needs to get out of custody on bail please call me immediately at 613.298.4466, 24 hours a day and ask for Vicki Hentz.


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